Hey Bloggers,
In the past few weeks we have been working of short poems called Haikus. In a Haiku the first line has exactly five syllables, the middle line has exactly seven syllables and the third line has exactly five syllables. Here are a few Haikus I have made so far.

As dawn settles down,
Darkness fills the sky for all,
Deep, dark forests hide.

Mother Birds

Morning wakens while
Mother birds chirp in sunlight.
New babies are born.

Victims (Ode to McDonald’s)

The big yellow M,
Waits for people to come in,
For plenty victims.

If you didn’t know what a Haiku was, now you know. Some people are amazing at them. Try to make your own Haiku up and comment back with it!

Fantasy Job

Hello bloggers,
What is that?  You would like to know what my fantasy job is. Ok! if you really want to know, I love designing. What type of designing, you ask? Well, my dream job would have to be an interior designer. I’m always redesigning my bedroom and helping my Mom pick colours, textures and patterns for some of her projects around the house or her friends’ houses that she designs.

This job will help make the world a better place because I’m interested in designing with high environmental standards. Environmentally friendly designing uses recycled and reused or materials to minimize the amount of garbage ending up in landfills. These standards also requires that materials be used from renewable resources and don’t create harsh off-gassing, which is common in new plastic and vinyl.

Interior design is well-suited for me because it allows me to be creative while using business skills. This job involves working with people and helping make clients’ homes a happier place for them to live in. The job is also easy on your body because you don’t have to be in one position all day or bending over all the time. I love shopping and being an interior designer allows me to shop for items with other people’s money.

I would meet with clients to understand their personalities, tastes, and styles. Once I have a good understanding of the client, I can then start by creating a few themes for their house or space. Each theme is an attempt to capture the general look and feel that the client wants. I would meet with the client again to present the themes to see which one they like best. Once we have selected a theme, I then would start to bring the theme alive room by room. This would involve starting with a single feature in the house and developing the design from there. I would go to stores and shop online to find furniture and décor items that are the best quality, environmentally friendly and within the budget. If renovations are required, then I would redesign the rooms to fit the theme I am trying to achieve. This may include new flooring, new kitchens and new bathrooms but I would try to use as much of the existing house as possible in order to minimize the amount of garbage that goes into the landfill. Simply using new colours and textures in a room can make the room appear fresh and updated.

Interior designing is a career I could start early in my life and continue until I was ready to retire. It is

This job would ideally be my own private interior design company. I would likely run the business from an office in my house. Later on, I could expand the business and have employees working for me. At this time, I would likely move the business to a larger office outside of my home. Eventually I could create my own TV show about interior designing.

Interior designing is an excellent choice for my carrier. It helps the environment, the people who are about to have the new updated house and it is a very well suited job for me.


Mixcraft Project

Hey bloggers,

Music is so fun to listen to, as we know, but I  found out that you can do so much more with music than we know.  Using an awesome program our school downloaded we can make so many different types of music.  This program is called Mixcraft.  In music class we have been using Mixcraft to make loops and the type of music we are working with is funk.    Funk is a music genre that originated in the mid-late 1960’s.   On Mixcraft there are lots of loops from the 70’s.  My favorite type of music is pop music.  I like the type of popular songs that come out now a days.  ABA is a pastern in a song.   I do not have it in my Mixcraft project, but in this case it is an eight bar section that plays in the first eight bars, then you have a different eight bar section, then the first eight bar section repeats to make the pattern ABA.

Here is my Mixcraft Project



Using Glocal on Valentines Day!

Lots of Hearts!23Tiana08_327196

Hello Everyone,

On Valentines Day my class used a downloaded program called Glocal.  It was a very fun program!  We got to take pictures of our Valentines Day candy and then we used Glocal to make it different colours, see-through, invisible and we used many more cool features.  One of the many more awesome features that we used with Glocal was taking a couple of images at a time of making them one picture.  I was doing that method for most of the images as you see in the images above.

Have you ever used a program or app like Glocal before?




How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

40, 41, 42, 43, 44
Hey bloggers,
Today I found a video that teaches you how to juggle a soccer ball. There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind so I found a great video that demonstrates everything you need to know.

I hoped you liked my video! Because this is my first video post if you have any feedback for me, that would be great. If not then try juggling and see how many juggles you get, then reply!
Thanks for watching,

My Soccer Life

Soccer! Soccer! Soccer!

Hello Bloggers,

This post is about my favorite sport, soccer!  My soccer team is a girls U13 rep team. We play 8 aside and have 18 players on our team. We travel all the time, in fact almost second Sunday.  My team practices twice a week and then plays on Sundays.  We have an extra fitness training session one a week as well.

Soccer is my favorite sport because I love scoring goals and making assist for the team.  The position I play is  Stricker and right midfield.  We just played against the U13 gold team in Victoria and we won 5-1.

My dad is the head coach for my team and there are two assistant coaches as well.  My dad used to play lots of soccer as he doesn’t have as much time for his own soccer now because of all the coaching he does.

My sister plays house soccer as well and my dad coaches her team. Sometimes I ref soccer games in my sisters age group.

Our families life is full of soccer

What about your, What do you enjoy doing?


My Favorite Object

Hello Bloggers,

When you think of a favorite object at school what comes to your mind first?

For me when I think of a favorite object I think of a pencil. I love pencils because they are so useful. What would we do without pencils?  Without a pencil we would have to use ink every time we wanted to write anything. If we didn’t have pencils we would probably not have learned as much as we know now. We would not be able to erase with the same object you already have in your hand let alone erasing it’s self. Ink would be so messy to write or draw with all the time. It would be hard to write or draw because the ink would get everywhere and smudge all over the paper. You can do so much with just one pencil. You can write stories or novels, draw or paint and many more fantastic things. If you wanted to you could spend all day just using your imagination drawing or writing with a pencil. Pencils are awesome.


2013 Christmas Coming Soon!

Hey Bloggers!

Christmas is so much fun! Family comes, you get presents, you give presents,  there are great meals and much more!

This Christmas I am getting a new puppy! I’ve already got a dog named Lucky that is turning 4 years old on boxing Day. My whole family enjoys having pets around so much we decided to get another one. The new puppy is a Shitzu Bichon and so is Lucky. Lucky is brown, white and has a bit of black.  The puppy to yet come is black with a white belly and white paws. We are getting it on the 22 of December. There are only 18 days left until we are getting it. The puppy will be 8 weeks when we get it. The new puppy is a Christmas present for me and my sister. We usually don’t get this big of a present but it is for the whole family to share.

This year the Christmas lights are looking great and the Christmas carols are sounding fabulous too! My family puts up stocking for the whole family including the dogs. I am having fun deciding what to make or buy for my family and friends this year. There is so much to chose from.

This morning I woke up to snow falling out side my bedroom window.The snow is coming down fast and I hope it keeps up. If it does keep snowing and the snow sticks then I will be able to go tobogganing down the big hill in my backyard.

What is your favorite thing about the Christmas season?




Remembrance Day poem

This is a poem I made up about Remembrance Day manly focusing on what it is like a regular soldier’s day. I hope you like it!

A Soldiers Day

Every day I wake
I think about my family,
My wife and children
and if I ever will see them again.
I wait and wait  for weeks and months,
While sometimes sipping my cold tea.
I wait for letters from home.                                               
There are very few moments of pleasure,
Instead we get daily terrors while soldiers fight.
Winter months are depressing.
While some of us soldiers receive packages from home
Others don’t.
Most people have never experienced
This situation which we are still in now,
So help others receive this message:
Take time on Remembrance Day to remember
Those who risked their lives for us.

When I made this it really made me remember those who risked their lives for us, so I hope you feel the same way.

Did you make a poem or poster for Remembrance day?